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  • What is Sponsorship Visa?

    What is Sponsorship Visa?

    US occupants, residents, or brief specialists (H1B, L1, E visa, and so forth) living in the USA can welcome their folks, family members, or companions to visit the USA. An unfamiliar guest can apply for a B2 guest visa (Tourist Visa) at a US department in the candidate’s national origin. On the off chance that […]

  • How to apply for US Sponsorship Visa From Bangladesh.

    How to apply for US Sponsorship Visa From Bangladesh.

    The US is a reliable worldwide power with a high monetary turn of events. The commitment to the American dream and progress draws in individuals from everywhere in the world. They need to secure positions and construct new lives in the country. Even though many individuals need occupations in the US, getting them is a […]

  • Business/tourist visa in the USA

    Business/tourist visa in the USA

    At a glance Suppose you want to temporarily travel to the United States for business, leisure, or medical reasons. You will need a B-1 / B-2 visa because the B-1 visa is for travelers who want to discuss business, travel for educational work, or are any business. B-2 tickets for those traveling who want to […]